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Code Blue OA1074 Double Drag Combo Buck Lure Doe, In Estrous Buck Urine 2 oz

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SKU : OA1074

Model : Blue

UPC : 707114010825

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Code Blue's Double Drag Combo will make whitetail bucks come running when you create a convincing scent trail using this true-to-life system. The absorbent double-drag rag lets you use two deer scents to mimic a whitetail buck pursing an estrous doe. Just apply the included buck deer urine to the longer drag and the estrous doe deer urine to the shorter drag rag. Create a scent trail by dragging the double rags to your hunting stand or hang the drag nearby as a powerful scent dispenser. The Double Drag Combo includes: one 2 oz Doe Estrous, one- 2 oz Buck Urine and a Double drag system.

ManufacturerCode Blue
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